Getting Started–It’s Never Too Late.

IMG_1139Writing is not new to me.   In fact, I’ve always enjoyed writing as a form of communication and expression.   In college, my papers were written for classes using a typewriter and white correction fluid to fix my mistakes (the personal computer didn’t officially exist yet–hard to imagine, I know).  But writing a blog on the Internet is fairly new to me personally.

I hope to take advantage of this medium to achieve a few goals.  For one, writing articles on a blog post will allow me to empty many thoughts on many topics out of my head–providing me with a personal type of therapy if you will.   Another goal is to share information with others, information on a wide range of topics, everything from career advice, to expertise on operational functions in business, to automotive restoration techniques or thoughts on guitars/ music, Harley Davidson motorcycles, and yes, even the occasional discussion of religion and politics (my formal college education was a combination of Theology and Political Science).

For now, for this first post, I simply want to make two statements.  One– a big “thank you” goes out to my wife who’s prodding and constant attempts to better me as a human has made this possible.  And secondly —  it’s never too late to learn something new in life.  We hear that one often, and the older I get, the more I realize how true the statement really is for all of us.  Learning something new — trying a new sport, a new hobby, a new hairstyle, a new food, etc….whatever the case, be open to trying something new, it’ll be good for you and for those around you as well.

And so I begin.  More to follow!